The Greatness of Cloud Computing
06 Apr 2020
Cloud Computing Cloud computing has been one of the most important tools in the information technology field over the past several decades. It will continue to thrive in the near future because it dynamically delivers on-demand services and many resources...
Cloud Computing
Elastic Computing
Serverless Computing
IaaS vs PaaS
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OpenStack | The History and the Current Development of Technology
08 Mar 2020
As the world that we are living in has been developing new technology and utilizing those new trends, such as OpenStack and computing environments, our daily lives have been improved within businesses, enterprises, and data centers, by computing and making...
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UMN - Be a National Exchange Student!
27 Feb 2020
The National Student Exchange (NSE) is a nationwide university exchange program that is available at most universities and colleges within the fifty states, as well as Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, and Canada. There are many questions that students should...
National Student Exchange
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The Power of Software Engineering
15 Dec 2019
Software Engineering is one of the greatest tracks of computer science, which I would really love to do in the future. Fortunately, I was able to learn web application development at the University of Hawaii - Manoa for one of...
User Interface Frameworks
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Bug or Feature? You Decide!
24 Sep 2019
The Greatest Invention? ESLint is a JS tool that helps developers to track down the syntaxes that they may miss when writing their codes. There are many possibilities that make ESLint the key to success. Many developers can save a...
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Large Computer Science Class Sizes Make Students and UMN CSE at Risk
06 May 2019
Introduction College students across the nation have the opportunity to study anything that they put their minds and efforts to. According to the U.S. Student Loan Debt Statistics for 2019, more than seventy percent of students are taking out student...
Technical and Professional Writing
Small Class Size Proposal
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For Loops - How they are Critical for Programmers
28 Feb 2019
If a big university, such as the University of Minnesota, wants to send a personalized email to the whole list of its students, alumni, or staff, it would not be efficient to copy, paste, and edit each email out since...
Technical and Professional Writing
Technical Term
For loops
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Actions That The Government Must Take to Address Mass Incarceration
05 May 2018
ABSTRACT The United States has the highest mass incarceration rates in the world. Due to racial bias, minority groups have the highest rate of incarceration overall and tend to receive harsher sentences than whites. Recidivism, lack of support from the...
Writing Proposal
Mass Incarceration
United States Government
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