Bug or Feature? You Decide!

24 Sep 2019

The Greatest Invention?

ESLint is a JS tool that helps developers to track down the syntaxes that they may miss when writing their codes. There are many possibilities that make ESLint the key to success. Many developers can save a ton of time when debugging their code because ESLint shows what type of errors they have made within the code that they have written. This way, developers like myself can actually learn from our ESLint mistakes to create better software.

Furthermore, ESLint helps to lay codes out very neatly and organizedly so other collaborators can read and understand the code faster, but you must fix small details to make it free from the errors that tool has identified.

ESLint not only helps developers to layout their code neatly, but it also suggests which part of your code is missing. For example, if you miss a semicolon, the tool automatically notifies the developers that they should add in the semicolon at the end of the statement. Or they should use the keyword const instead of let or var whenever you declare an array. This tool helps most developers when it comes to making the code more clean and organized, and it lets developers know what and how to improve in the future code.

The Not-So-Good Side:

ESLint is one of the greatest tools for many web developers, however, there are some negative aspects that a programmer would face, such as looking through tiny stuff and doing more work than one normally would.

For many programmers/developers, one would not like to fix tiny details like forgetting a space or typing too many spaces. What matters most to them is if the code and algorithm that they are writing works perfectly or not. The main idea is that programmers should be inspecting their code and improving their content quality of the code, rather than picking and editing tiny stuff that doesn’t affect the outcome of the code.

Secondly, ESLint takes much more time than necessary for anyone who uses this tool. Why is that? Most programmers like myself don’t like to do extra things that are not required. You must set up your project so that it can be downloaded and include certain files into your project directories in order to make ESLint work. This may take longer than the original programming. In addition to downloading and including certain files into the project, you must also set up the instructions on your IDE so it can work the way you wanted to. Having said that, ESLint may or may not suit you well on your next web development project.

If you’d like to learn more about ESLint, please visit eslint.org.