Package Delivery System

Currently, there are companies that are building drones to deliver packages to customers. As a way to make the drones work in the real world, we must have a simulation that shows the real scenarios that could affect how the drones are being delivered to the customers, such as avoiding tall buildings, using the most cost-effective paths, and what to do when the batteries drain out.

Dustin Zhang, Aunya Mukherjee, Lin Huynh and I used many design patterns and algorithms that we learned from the CSCI 3081W - Program Design and Development class taught by Professor Timothy Wrenn to make the drone and robot deliveries as efficiently as possible.

Throughout the project, there are three iterations, where each iteration is built on top of the previous one. Everyone in the team must work by themselves for the first iteration, and then combine all of the code and work/collaborate toward iterations two and three simultaneously. The following reflection details are based on the final iteration.



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Lessons Learned

What Could We Do Differently?

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